Canada at the Commonwealth Games, August 1st


Scott Morgan, Men’s Gymnastics Vault, Gold

Elsabeth Black, Women’s Gymnastics Beam, Gold

Elsabeth Black, Women’s Gymnastics Floor, Bronze

Jennifer Abel, Women’s 1m Springboard, Gold

Ryan Bester, Men’s Single Lawn Bowls, Silver

Mandy Bujold, Women’s Flyweight Boxing, Bronze

Kevin Lytwyn, Men’s Gymnastics Horizontal Bar, Bronze

Shawnacy Barber, Men’s Pole Vault, Bronze

Cameron Levins, Men’s 10,000m, Bronze

Angela Whyte, Women’s 100m Hurdles

Canada at the Commonwealth Games, July 31st


George Kobaladze, Men’s 105kg Weightlifting, Gold

Danielle Lappage, Women’s Freestyle Wrestling 63kg, Gold

Scott Morgan, Men’s Rings Gymnastics, Gold

Scott Morgan, Men’s Vault Gymnastics, Gold

Scott Morgan, Men’s Floor Gymnastics, Silver

Tamerlan Tagziev, Men’s Freestyle Wrestling 86kg, Gold

Meaghan Benfeito, Women’s 10m Platform Diving, Gold

Roseline Filion, Women’s 10m Platform Diving, Bronze

Elsabeth Black, Women’s Beam Gymnastics, Gold

Elsabeth Black, Women’s Vault Gymnastics, Silver

Brittanee Laverdure, Women’s Freestyle Wrestling 55kg, Silver

Jevon Balfour, Men’s Freestyle Wrestling 65kg, Silver

Kevin Lytwyn, Men’s Rings Gymnastics, Silver

Diane Roy, Women’s 1500m T54, Silver

Alex Dupont, Men’s 1500m T54, Bronze

Christabel Nettey, Women’s Long Jump, Bronze


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Happy Birthday Joanne Rowling (7/31/1965) and Harry James Potter (7/31/1980)

Canada at the Commonwealth Games, July 30th


Meaghan Benfeito, Roseline Filion, Women’s Synchronized 10m Platform, Gold

David Tremblay, Men’s Freestyle Wrestling 61kg, Gold

Arjun Gill, Men’s Freestyle Wrestling 97kg, Gold

Dori Yeats, Women’s Freestyle Wrestling 69kg, Gold

Derek Drouin, Men’s High Jump, Gold

Michael Mason, Men’s High Jump, Bronze

Brianne Theisen-Eaton, Women’s Heptathlon, Gold

Jessica Zelinka, Women’s Heptathlon, Silver

Jennifer Abel, Pamela Ware, Women’s 3m Synchronized Springboard, Silver

Jill Gallayas, Women’s Freestyle Wrestling 53kg, Bronze

Braxton Rei Stone, Women’s Freestyle Wrestling 58kg, Bronze

Julie Labonte, Women’s Shot Put, Bronze