postcards-from-paris asked:

Didn't you take a guided tour through Versailles? If so, did you enjoy it? I know that if you take one of the tours that's offered you get to see parts of the palace that aren't open to the public. I'm thinking about doing one the next time I go; I've been four times and each time I see something new, but there's still so much that I've yet to see.

We did the behind the scenes tour this time around, and it was¬†wonderful. I’d definitely recommend trying to book a tour because you see things you just can’t see otherwise. And it’s kind of fun getting to go through locked doors and have everyone else stare at you jealously, haha

And there¬†is a ton to see, isn’t there? It’s impossible to see everything in just one day. (If anyone else on here is planning on going and really wants to see as much as possible, I’d suggest staying in Versailles for a couple days. Really, there’s that much to look at there.)